Microbial BioFertilizers


Contains: 1x10⁹ CFU/ml
Bacillus subtilis NGSR

Bacillus subtilis is a beneficial spore forming bacterium naturally living in the root zone symbiotically with the plant.

● Bacterial spores are activated and colonized around the newly formed roots during germination, creating a physical barrier that protects the roots against pathogens.

● Spores can stay dormant for longer periods on coated dry seeds. The seeds coated with our product are thus protected during storage.

● Bacterial lipopeptides induce the systemic resistance as the first defense mechanism of the germinating seedlings, thus help to respond to the pathogen attacks with the self-defense system.

● Secondary molecules produced by bacteria during the fermentation process are included in the product formulation. These metabolites encourage the seedlings to synthesize plant hormones such as auxin, cytokinin and gibberellic acid, thus accelerating the vegetative growth of the plant, increasing the rate and synchronization of the germination.

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