Microbial BioFertilizers


Contains: 1x10⁹ CFU/ml
Bacillus subtilis NG134
Bacillus megaterium NG57
Pseudomonas fluorescens NG28

Contaning three different, natural, non-GMO, bacterial soil isolates, Rhizofill:

● Promotes the root, stem and leaf growth of the plant by naturally synthesizing plant growth-promoting hormones and volatile organic molecules that are beneficial to plants.

● Sequesters iron and increase the bioavaliability of iron by by producing siderephore molecules.

● Increases producitvity by boosting the flowering of the plant.

● Enhances development of hairy-roots,thus increases the availability and bio-efficacy of chemical fertilizers.

● As a result of better nutrition, plants become more tolerant to the abiotic stress factors such as drought, salinity and heat.

● Triggers nucleic acid and protein sythesis, thus cell division and tissue regeneration, and so increases shoot growth by triggering nucleic acid and protein synthesis.

● Triggers induced systemic resistance (ISR) and competes with other microorganism for nutrients thus enhances plants immune system and reduces the risk of pathogenic attack.

● Helps to maintain pH balance in the rhizospere and improve the absorption of trace elements by roots.

● Dissolves phosphate salt and increases their availability for plants thus enhances seed and fruit development.

● Secures a biodiversity friendly environment for beneficial microorganisms in the rhizosphere.

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